Options for Co-Working and Office Rental


With limited convenient areas where offices can be built, having an office proves to be daunting. Also, the cost of renting out an entire floor or building can be quite unreasonable especially if you do not intend to carry out a lot of activities in the office. With the money and land economies, shared office spaces come in handy. Shared office spaces are building spaces that are set up to be rented out to different businesses. Each business takes its part of the building. This means that there is co-working in the premises by different organizations. This is convenient as each business rents out its own space on the same floor, but it has to carry its activities close to other businesses who have rented the same space.


There are four options to co-working or shared office spaces. One of this is the standard office, the others co-working communities, incubators, and executive suites.

The standard shared office space rental is normally situated within the existing office of another business. This shared space includes cubicles, shared office, and workstations. This is a good set up for startup companies. The office space has a conference room, several phone lines, and a sense of privacy for employees. The services offered on these offices are offered at no additional costs. These include the shared break room, kitchen, conference room, as well as reception area. Mailing centers, the document uses, and shared receptionists are at times used at a shared cost.


Co-working communities aim at offering pleasant workplaces. They focus on member-shared values such as collaboration, sustainability, accessibility, community, and openness. Communities have a combination of common areas like a community desk place and conference room. This environment is most suitable to extroverts, and not those who intend to spend all their time on the phone making calls. Other features these facilities could have include networked printing, broadband internet, and free coffee. It has support, projectors, shared kitchen, networking events, and social events. Learn more about offices at


Business incubators are organizations designed with an aim of accelerating the growth and success of startups. Several companies share a common Office space for a day based on a rigorous admissions process. The rent for these spaces is affordable. There are support services and shared amenities.


Executive suites are fully equipped and furnished office buildings. The management company of these units rents out individual offices or an entire floor to another business the units have shared services such as catering, conference, training rooms, reception, and courier services.